Rad Na (Rice Noodles with Gravy)

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What goes in Rad Na

Fresh rice noodles,  pork (or protein of your choice),  carrot,  broccoli,  baby corn,  cauliflower, Chinese broccoli,  mushroom,  garlic,  egg,  soy sauce,  oyster sauce,  dark soy sauce,  soybean paste (or you can use miso instead),  chilies,  vinegar,  corn starch,  potato starch,  water,  oil,  finely ground white pepper.

Mixed vegetables: You can use any kind of vegetables that you like but just keep in mind not to use vegetables that are very soft when cooked like pumpkin or eggplant.

Chilies: I used chilies to make pickled chilies that go so well with the Rad Na.

Water: I used tap water for this recipe but you can use water mix with pork bouillon or pork stock for a better taste.

How to make Rad Na

⦁ Chop chilies and put it in a small bowl. Then, add vinegar to that bowl with a pinch of salt. Stir and leave it aside.

⦁ Slide pork and marinade it with soy sauce, egg, and corn starch. If you have time, marinade it at least half and hour prior your cooking for a better outcome which is a very tender pork in your noodles.

⦁ Chop vegetables into chunks and mince garlic.

⦁ Put noodle in a large bowl and add a teaspoon of soy sauce and a teaspoon of dark soy sauce. Then, mix with your hand until it evenly coated.

⦁ Heat a pan and put in a tablespoon of oil. Add noodles and spread them. Leave it for a couple minutes without stirring until it slightly charred and get a little bit of smokiness. Transfer it to a plate and set aside.

⦁  With the same pan, put another tablespoon of oil in. Wait until the oil is hot then put in minced garlic and stir fry it until fragrance. Then, add the marinated pork in. Stir fry until pork is cooked and put vegetables except Chinese broccoli and mushroom in the pan. Keep working the pan for a couple minutes.

⦁  Season it with a tablespoon of soy sauce, a tablespoon of oyster sauce, a table spoon of soybean paste, and a tablespoon of sugar.

⦁    Add the rest of vegetables and mushroom in the pan.

⦁    Pour 1 liter of water or pork stock in and let it boil for 5 minutes.

⦁    Prepare your potato starch mixture by adding 4 tablespoons of potato starch to a half cup of water and stir until it becomes slurry.

⦁ When the soup boil, pour your slurry in and stirring it immediately. Let is boil for another 5 minutes to make sure that potato starch is cooked. Turn off the heat.

⦁ Serve it by putting some of the noodles in the plate and pour the gravy on top. Sprinkle with some finely ground white pepper.


Cook and eat Rad Na like a Pro.

⦁ Make sure that your potato starch slurry is not separated before pouring it into your soup. If it does separate, stir it well again before pouring or else you are going to end up with some lumps in your gravy.

⦁ There is no exact measurement for Thai food. Use the seasonings in the recipe as a guide, then taste and adjust it to you liking. Nothing wrong with that!

⦁ Most of us Thai love to season our noodles before eating so you can put pickled chilies, vinegar, sugar, chili flake, and fish sauce in your noodles to match your kind of flavor.


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